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Twin – $1,299

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Full – $1,699

Queen – $1,899

King – $2,499

Cal King – $2,499

Zenhaven mattress in apartment setting

Zenhaven Mattress Review


If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect direct to consumer mattress for a while, you’ve probably noticed ads for the luxurious natural latex mattress Zenhaven, made by the same company responsible for customer hits like Saatva and Loom & Leaf. Just like its counterparts, the Zenhaven mattress boasts a decadent use of high-quality materials that outperforms many of its less expensive competitors. But is the natural material construction worth it for the higher price point? Let’s find out!



  • Materials: Right off the bat, the main allure of the Zenhaven bed is the quality of its natural latex. This is called Talalay latex, which is actually softer than the manmade latex traditionally used in latex mattresses. It gives you the conforming support you might expect from memory foam without the pesky trouble of off-gassing that foams can bring.
  • Firmness options: The Zenhaven has a totally unique offering that you normally couldn’t expect from a direct to consumer mattress: two firmness options in one. One side of the mattress is “gentle firm” support, while the other side is “luxury plush.” You can simply flip the mattress over to experience the other side. In a sense, this is like getting two beds in one.



  • Price point: The Zenhaven mattress is more expensive than many of its other latex competitors. With a queen coming in at $1,899, this isn’t the mattress to choose if a tight budget is one of your main considerations. However, the Zenhaven bed’s consistently high reviews can quickly paint a picture of this price being well worth it if you can part with the extra cash. You do spend a third of your life asleep, after all.



Our Verdict

From its high quality natural materials to its superior performance in support and comfort tests, the Zenhaven bed is an excellent choice for anyone who puts quality and durability at the top of their list of demands for a new mattress. Their 20-year warranty — compared to the regular 10 years among its competitors — attests to the fact that this mattress should stand the tests of time.


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Zenhaven Mattress Construction


The Zenhaven mattress is 10 inches high and works on any flat surface or adjustable base. Saatva, Zenhaven’s parent mattress brand, sells its own adjustable base called the Lineal Adjustable Base. These run between $1,199 to $2,498 depending on the size.

At 125 pounds, it has an average weight. That being said, Zenhaven has you choose which side of the mattress you would like to sleep on so that the delivery crew can put it in the proper orientation for you upon installation.

The Zenhaven mattress is made up of four primary layers. Rather than thinking of these as top or bottom layers, remember that the Zenhaven is reversible. Either side can be the top depending on your firmness preferences. This breakdown shows the firmer side on the bottom:


  • 1.5-Inch Luxury Plush Layer: In this all-latex bed, the luxury plush layer of Talalay latex is soft and offers a lot of give. If you use this layer on top, expect a supportive sinking feeling when lying on the mattress. This layer is made up of five distinct comfort zones to offer support where it is needed most. This layer is a 4-5 on the firmness scale out of 10.
  • 3-Inch Talalay Latex Support Layer: The middle of this mattress is made up of two identical 3-inch layers of a firmer Talalay latex. If you’re sleeping with the luxury plush layer on top, this second later will provide the gentle foundation necessary for keeping the right balance of sink and bounce.
  • 3-Inch Talalay Latex Support Layer: If you prefer a firmer bed, having two layers of Talalay latex right underneath the “gentle firm” top layer will give you plenty of support and keep you feeling as if you are floating on top of the mattress rather than sinking in.
  • 1.5-Inch Gentle Firm Layer: This latex layer can be used as either the top or bottom of the Zenhaven bed, and is made up of a denser, firmer version of the Talalay latex. This layer is also made up of five distinct comfort zones to offer support where it is needed most. This layer is a 7-8 on the firmness scale out of 10.


Each top layer (regardless of which way it is flipped) is also enhanced by a layer of 100 percent organic New Zealand wool. This adds a natural flame retardant quality to the mattress without using any toxic chemicals.

The cover of the Zenhaven mattress is 100 percent organic cotton, making it a breathable and high-quality casing for the luxury materials encased within. This organic cotton will also absorb excess moisture to keep your sleeping environment cool and dry throughout the night.

So what is Talalay latex after all? This material is sourced from rubber trees. It is antimicrobial and keeps mold and dust mites at bay.

 Zenhaven natural latex


How Does the Zenhaven Mattress Feel?



This mattress is truly unique in that you can flip it over for a different firmness option. The two firmness levels are “gentle firm,” a 7-8 out of 10, or “luxury plush,” a 4-5 out of 10. Each side has five distinct zones to support the shoulders, midsection, hips, and knees optimally. The firmness of the Talalay latex is altered in these sections thanks to the pinhole mold the latex is poured over. Areas with more holes allow for more give, while the more solid areas are firmer.



The Zenhaven will not make you feel like you are sinking deeply into the mattress the way a memory foam bed might. Expect to feel like you are supported and cradled at the surface of the mattress instead. That being said, the softer “luxury plush” side will offer more sink than the firm side.


Responsiveness and Bounce

This mattress is incredibly responsive thanks to the quality of latex. That means it bounces instantly back into place. This is a great asset for both motion transfer concerns as well as lending well to intimacy.


Motion Transfer

The Zenhaven has very little motion transfer. Light sleepers will be pleased to learn that their partner getting up at night doesn’t cause too much disturbance to their side of the bed.


Heat Retention

The American Talalay latex used in the Zenhaven mattress has a pinhole structure throughout. This means that there are hundreds of air vents dispersed throughout the mattress to keep air moving all night. This makes the Zenhaven a nice, cool sleeping environment. The latex is sourced from trees and poured over a pinhole mold to give it air pockets throughout. The liquid latex is then vacuum sealed and flash frozen at -20 degrees Fahrenheit to lock each particle in place.


Edge Support

Edge support is top-notch in the Zenhaven. This is due in part to the fact that the Zenhaven doesn’t come squeezed into a box. Rather, it is hand delivered by their customer technicians and installed ready to go. You shouldn’t experience any feeling that you will roll off the bed if you get near the edge.


Off-Gassing & Smell

The Zenhaven mattress produces very little smell or off-gassing because of its natural latex material compared to foam mattresses. You should not have to worry about an off-gassing period and can begin to enjoy your mattress in a scent-free manner right away.

 Zenhaven soft mattress


Zenhaven Mattress Quick Facts


  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Where is it made? U.S.A.
  • Does it need a foundation? Yes
  • Does it work on adjustable beds? Yes
  • Shipping: Free
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 20 years


Customer Feedback


The Zenhaven mattress is very well-reviewed across dozens of mattress review sites. This is likely due to its high quality materials, customization with the two different firmness options, and their great track record for excellent customer service — not to mention that 20 year warranty.


★★★★★ “I expected a break in period, but the Zenhaven was so comfortable that even after our first test we never wanted to get out. The best way to describe it is that the mattress interacts with my body. The mattress adjusts somehow to my body’s needs and provides relief instead of my body simply trying to find a “comfortable enough “ position.” — Ruth,

★★★★★ “One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to take a chance and buy a 100% Latex bed from Zenhaven. I have what I call my “evil triumvirate” ie: arthritis, fibromyalgia & polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and my old spring mattress was making these conditions worse. The first night I slept on my new latex mattress, I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed & happy; there was NO adjustment time, it was as if I’d waited my whole life for this sleeping experience on latex. ” — Joy,


We Recommend The Zenhaven Mattress For…


This is a wonderful mattress for anyone who tends to sleep hot and wants a cool, breathable mattress. It’s also great for anyone who is eco-conscious, as its all natural latex is sourced from trees and they use wool rather than chemicals to provide flame resistance.  

The Zenhaven is a great mattress for back and stomach sleepers. It would work just fine for side sleepers as well, but not for those who really want to sink into their bed. You will feel like you are sleeping on rather than in the mattress, so avoid the Zenhaven if you want a truly immersive bed with a big sink factor like you might expect from a memory foam bed.

Zenhaven reviewers praise this mattress for relieving all types of back and joint pain. This is probably because the high quality latex does a wonderful job of cradling pressure points while offering enough support to keep your skeleton aligned properly while you rest.

We also recommend this bed for those who are ready to make a slightly larger financial investment for the long-term payoff of this well-made, durable bed. You may be paying more up front, but the long warranty and great construction do make the higher price tag worth it.


Zenhaven Mattress Review – Conclusion


If you value premium materials and long lasting construction, the Zenhaven is a fantastic investment for your next mattress. It sleeps cool, offers two different firmness options, and is definitely built to last. The Zenhaven may be a bit more expensive than other direct to consumer mattresses on the market, but they have good reason for it. This bed is high quality and creates a clean, breathable, supportive sleeping environment you are likely to enjoy for years to come.

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