WinkBeds Mattress Review

The WinkBeds mattress is a standout performer thanks to its quality materials and smart design. It provides a high level of comfort while also giving the kind of contouring needed to keep the spine aligned.


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Prices and Sizes

Twin – $749

Twin XL – $849

Full – $999

Queen – $1,299

King – $1,499

Cal King – $1,549

  • Outstanding edge support: a foam bolster around the exterior provides reliable comfort and stability across the entire surface of the mattress.
  • Balanced responsiveness and resilience: coil-on-coil construction offers a blend of both bounce and responsiveness, ensuring pressure point relief without excessive sink.
  • Choice of feel: the mattress is available in three different firmness options, so you can opt for the one that best suits your comfort preferences and sleeping position.
  • Plus option for sleepers of heavier weight: WinkBeds manufactures a separate mattress with design features specifically intended to increase comfort and support for people who weigh more and often are not well-served by other mattresses.
  • Required 30-day break-in period: though the mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, you are required to try it out for 30 nights before initiating a return.
  • Price: the WinkBeds mattress is a good value but is still more expensive than many traditional innerspring mattresses.

Our Verdict

WinkBeds has designed their mattress with great attention to detail, and it shows in the final product. It offers an excellent base of support through its bottom layer of 7” thick individually-wrapped innerspring coils. Above this support core is a layer of micro-coils that boosts the responsiveness of the bed without sacrificing bounce.

Additional features, such as the reinforced edges and breathable pillow top, are noticeable when you lay down on the mattress. Having full edge-to-edge stability increases the total sleeping area on the mattress, and the pillow top delivers added comfort (especially since you can choose among 3 firmness levels).

A 120-night sleep trial backed by the company’s great customer service reputation makes the WinkBeds stand out when compared to other innerspring mattresses on the market.

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WinkBeds Mattress Construction

The WinkBeds mattress is an innerspring model built with several distinct layers.

The cover is made with Tencel stretch-knit fabric that is smooth and soft. Beneath the cover, the top layer is a pillowtop. This pillowtop is filled with 2 layers (Luxury Firm and Firm) or 3 layers (Soft) of foam depending on which firmness option you select. These layers are made with 1” thick gel-infused foam with a density of 1.5 PCF and an ILD of 17.

Underneath the pillowtop is a layer of micro-coils that is 2.4” thick. In a Queen mattress, there are 1,353 of these micro-coils. Supporting the micro-coils is an extra 1” layer of foam designed to offer support in the lumbar area.

The support core is made up of foam-encased and individually-wrapped innerspring coils that are 7” thick. There are 858 of these coils in a Queen mattress. These coils are “zoned” to offer more support in the sections that support the heavier parts of the body.

The bottom layer is 2” of support foam that has a density of 1.5 PCF and an ILD of 28. Additional foam goes around the exterior of the coils to provide further support to the edges.

Taken together, the quality of these materials and construction is quite high. WinkBeds has clearly put thought and effort into selecting reputable materials and arranging them in a way that delivers an excellent sleep experience.

The WinkBed Plus

In addition to the main WinkBed mattress, the company also offers the WinkBed Plus. This mattress is designed specifically for sleepers in heavier weight ranges.

The top layer of the Plus uses a higher-density polyfoam to reduce sagging of the comfort layer. Below this is a 2.5” layer of latex which is a durable material and one that maintains significant bounce. This also helps to give extra support to sleepers who weigh more while at the same time making sure that their pressure points are receiving adequate relief.

The design of the coils in the support core is also slightly different in the Plus. Instead of all individually-wrapped coils, every four coils are bundled together which gives them a reinforced feeling for stability and support. Like the other WinkBeds mattresses, the Plus has reinforced edges and lumbar support that boost both comfort and the usable surface area of the mattress.


How Does the WinkBeds Mattress Feel?

Firmness and Support

The WinkBeds mattress is available in three different firmness levels: Soft (4.5 on the firmness scale), Luxury Firm (6.5), and Firm (7.5). Obviously, the Soft model will permit more sink and have a more plush feel. In all of these models, though, you can expect an excellent blend of support and resilience.

Support comes from the responsive coils that can adjust to your weight to give cushioning where you most need it. The resilience comes from the bounce of the coils that keeps you from feeling stuck in the bed.

Because of its availability in three firmness levels, the WinkBeds mattress can work for sleepers in any position. Side sleepers generally will do best with the Soft or Luxury Firm version (which can give more cushioning at pressure points like the hips and shoulders) while back and stomach sleepers, who typically need a firmer sleeping surface, will generally prefer the Luxury Firm or Firm models.

Given the strength and responsiveness of the coils, these mattresses can also work well for sleepers of most weights.


While there is enough contouring for this mattress to provide relief to your pressure points (especially with the use of zoned and individually-wrapped coils), you won’t feel like you are being swallowed by the WinkBeds mattress.

Of course, there will be some additional sink on the more plush Soft model, but you won’t feel stuck in this mattress. It offers a solid mix of sink and bounce.

Responsiveness and Bounce

Innerspring coils are excellent at promoting resilience, which can be most clearly felt in the amount of bounce in a mattress. Since this mattress has two layers of coils, it does a great job of providing this resilience. This makes it easier to move on the top of the mattress and makes it more conducive to sex.

Movement on the mattress is also enhanced by the substantial edge support that keeps the mattress from giving out when pressure is placed around its exterior.

Motion Transfer

Innerspring coils transfer more motion than a material like memory foam, but because these are highly responsive coils, this amount of motion transfer is unlikely to cause many sleep interruptions. In addition, the foams in the pillow top help to insulate motion and prevent sleep disruptions.

Heat Retention

Sleeping hot is rarely an issue with the WinkBeds mattresses. Coils do not retain heat in the same way that many foams do, which means that the mattress won’t build up warmth over the night in the same way as a material like memory foam. In addition, the resilience of the bed helps to keep you from sinking too deeply into the bed in a way that would block cooling airflow around your body.

WinkBeds also offers a temperature control system (sold as an accessory for your mattress) that uses fans to promote airflow within the mattress and prevent it from building up heat. This is known as the coolControl base.

Edge Support

Edge support is an area where this mattress really shines. It has a layer of high-density foam around the exterior that noticeably enhances the strength of the edge even when you are sitting or sleeping near that edge. There is still some compression of the edge, but you don’t feel like it may give out as can happen with many other comparable mattresses.

Off-Gassing & Smell

Some initial “new mattress” smell is reported by customers when they first unbox this mattress, but it does not persist and is not worse than other bed-in-a-box mattresses available online. Memory foam mattresses typically have much more off-gassing.



WinkBeds Mattress Quick Facts

  • Certifications: Certi-PUR U.S.
  • Where is it made? U.S.A.
  • Does it need a foundation? WinkBeds recommends using the mattress on a foundation or box spring to help give a base level of support to the mattress. If you do not have one, you can purchase one alongside your mattress.
  • Does it work on adjustable beds? Yes
  • Shipping: Your order comes with free delivery of the mattress. The mattress can only be shipped to the continental United States. It comes in a box delivered to your front door. No installation or set-up is included. WinkBeds also offers a “white glove” delivery that includes setup for $99.
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights. However, you must keep the mattress for the first 30 days to try it out before you can make a return. You can also exchange your mattress for one with a different feel for a fee of only $49 (which includes picking up your old mattress and recycling or donating it).
  • Warranty: Lifetime. This mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. If the mattress is defective, the company will replace it at no cost to you.

We Recommend The WinkBeds Mattress For…

Overall, the WinkBeds mattress is a great value whose performance makes it suitable for virtually any customer.

Its ability to offer contouring and pressure point relief while also having bounce makes it an attractive choice for people with back pain, athletes, or just your average Joe.

Side, back, and stomach sleepers can all do well with this mattress since it is offered in three different firmness levels. Stomach and back sleepers likely will do best with the firmer options.

Sleepers who weigh more and sleep in any position may also find a lot of value in the WinkBeds Plus mattress and its specific design features for sleepers in heavier weight ranges.

You may not like this mattress if you like to sink deeply into a mattress and feel enveloped by the bed. The nature of the coils – even though they offer plenty of responsiveness – simply doesn’t give this kind of sink.


Customer Feedback

The WinkBeds mattress is very well reviewed. It is only available from the company and is not sold on Amazon.

★★★★★ “I have serious back problems, and the Winkbed elevates all my pain, providing me with the total restful sleep. It is one of the very best decisions of my life.” – Donald W. (

★★★★★ “We have had our bed for about a month now. In general, it’s a nice balance of having a soft and welcoming feel but also being really supportive.” – Peter L. (

★★★★★ “We’ve had this mattress a few months now, and the novelty hasn’t worn off–I love this mattress! There’s something about the hybrid technology that truly makes it a different experience. No pain, deep sleep, so comfy!” – Lou H. (

WinkBeds Mattress Review – Conclusion

No matter your sleeping position, the WinkBeds mattress is an attractive option thanks to its ability to cushion the body while retaining bounce and resilience to keep you from being absorbed by the mattress.

Extra edge support, 3 firmness options, and design features to boost cooling all make this mattress the total package. Given its affordable price point, the WinkBeds is a clear candidate for the best performance and best value that you can find online right now.

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