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Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review


If you’ve spent any time researching foam mattresses online, you have probably noted that the Purple mattress stands out among its peers. Their branding is heavily geared toward their founders’ story. Purple is a family company, started by two brothers — an aerospace materials expert and an engineer. They decided to tackle the question of how to make the world’s best mattress from a science-focused point of view. Take their slogan’s word for it: “The world’s most comfortable mattress. Because science.” 

Together the brothers have patented more than 30 different types of unique materials designed to be perfectly supportive and stretchy. They landed on a product called hyper-elastic polymer to use as their mattress’ signature asset. This polymer serves as the top layer of the mattress in a grid shape, meaning that when you lie on a Purple mattress, you’re lying on a dense pattern made up of pockets of air. This helps with support, bounce, coolness, and other factors that make this mattress special. And the polymer is purple, of course.


Our Verdict

The Purple is a highly rated bed that tends to get rave reviews, sitting at a 4.0 out of 5 overall. While it gets mixed reviews when it comes to motion transfer, it proves itself as an exceedingly bouncy and supportive option that also keeps sleepers cool and dry all night long.


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Purple Mattress Construction

Among the dozens of foam-based direct to consumer companies that have cropped up in recent years, Purple really stands out because of its unique construction. The Purple bed is made up of three distinct layers:  

  1. Top Layer: As we mentioned above, the top layer is where the Purple mattress really gets to shine. Their one-of-a-kind hyper-elastic polymer forms a two-inch grid layer. This grid pattern is designed to help evenly distribute the sleeper’s weight by transferring pressure from one grid segment to the next. Purple calls it the “Purple Smart Comfort Grid.” This makes for an extremely responsive mattress that, according to Purple, “Spoons you just right.” The open framework of the grid is also meant to help the mattress achieve optimal airflow to keep sleepers cool throughout the night.
  2. Middle Layer: Purple’s middle layer is three-and-a-quarter inches of poly foam. This layer provides compression support to cradle pressure points that sink through the responsive top layer.
  3. Bottom Layer: The Purple mattress’ bottom layer is made of four inches of a high density poly foam. This works as a supportive base to ensure a medium level of firmness and offers enough support to counterbalance the extremely responsive material of the topmost layer.


Purple Mattress Construction


In addition to these three layers, the Purple mattress comes encased in a thin cover composed of polyester, viscose, and lycra. That means it’s stretchy, breathable, and easy to remove and wash. The moisture-wicking properties of lycra help sleepers stay dry, and the general thinness of the fabric promotes airflow to ensure a cool night’s sleep.


How Does the Purple Mattress Feel?

Overall, the Purple mattress excels at being extremely comfortable, responsive, and bouncy. It is also a wonderful choice for anyone who sleeps hot. Thanks to its grid design, the Purple bed offers major airflow and just the right amount of cradling and support.  

The downside to how this bed feels is its lackluster performance in motion transfer tests. So extra light sleepers who really need to experience as little motion as possible from a restless sleeping partner might want to be wary.  

In terms of firmness, edge support, and off-gassing, the Purple mattress falls within a similar range to its competitors, likely giving these factors a little less sway in your decision making process.



Testers rate the firmness of the Purple mattress at a 6.5 out of 10. These firmness ratings are based on the Original Purple mattress. That means you’ll get great support to help keep your shoulders, knees, and hips in an ergonomic position. This firmness level is ideal for most sleepers, whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. 



The topmost layer made of the exclusive hyper-elastic polymer is extremely adept at evenly distributing weight. You can expect to feel your pressure points sinking right through that top layer and being supported by its grid design. However, the Purple mattress does a great job of supporting your weight while you sink in. So you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortably sunk into the mattress either.


Responsiveness and Bounce

If this mattress is anything, it’s bouncy. Thanks to that scientifically-designed top layer, you can expect to feel a pretty unparalleled level of response and bounce when you lie down and move around on this mattress. This is great for intimacy as well, as the mattress is springy enough to return rather than absorb motion.


Motion Transfer

Motion transfer on the Purple mattress is average compared to its competitors. You may feel your partner getting up for that glass of water in the middle of the night, but it won’t feel like an earthquake, either. The Purple doesn’t perform poorly in motion transfer tests, just relatively middle of the road.


Heat Retention

Temperature is another category in which the Purple bed shines. Thanks to the grid system in its top layer, this mattress allows a lot of airflow to keep you cool. Its thin, lycra blend cover also maximizes moisture wicking and coolness. It also lacks the excess hug and sink of other mattresses that often causes a proclivity for overheating in other foam mattresses. Compared to its competitors, the Purple mattress sleeps extremely cool. So if you live in a hot area or just really value a cool night’s sleep, that is one reason you might find yourself very happy with a Purple mattress purchase.


Edge Support

If you plan on sharing your mattress with a partner or like sleeping near the edge of your bed, you will want to make sure you pick a mattress with great edge support. Luckily, the Purple is one such mattress. You can expect to feel safe and secure even if you are right at the edge of the bed. No accidental rolling onto the ground in the middle of the night here, thankfully.


Off-Gassing & Smell

When it comes to the mattress in a box model, most off-gassing and unpleasant odor comes from memory foam. Since the Purple mattress doesn’t use memory foam, you won’t experience an intense off-gassing period. There may be some initial “new mattress” smell, but it will dissipate quickly.


Purple Mattress Quick Facts

Like many of the other direct to consumer mattress companies in the U.S., Purple’s factories are located in the continental United States. They offer a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, but some might find that Purple’s warranty includes more fine print than other companies. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just a bit more legalese to sort through (the warranty is non-transferable, for example).  

Purple recommends that you don’t use their mattress with a traditional box spring. Any hard, flat surface will do, but you can also purchase platform bed frames straight to the company. They sell a standard platform base for $174 for a queen size, as well as an adjustable Power Base model that goes for $1,499 for a queen. The Power Base comes with a customizable massage program as well as an app to control the bed’s settings.

 Purple Logo

  • Certifications: Certi-PUR US
  • Where is it made? U.S.A.
  • Does it need a foundation? Yes
  • Does it work on adjustable beds? No
  • Shipping: Free
  • Sleep Trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years


Customer Feedback

The overall customer rating for the Purple Mattress comes it at a solid 4.0 across Amazon and other sites, making it a purchase you are likely to be happy with. Do be mindful of changes to the trial period and warranties when buying from somewhere other than the official Purple site.

★★★★★ Extremely comfortable. The mattress is soft and cushiony, but still provides enough support. I love it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It’s worth the price for a good quality mattress. Delivery and setup is a breeze.” — Elizabeth W.,  

★★★★☆ “The purple is a nice mattress. The only downside is you have to realize that the top of the mattress when you lay on it does not feel smooth. You can feel the purple honeycomb topper they are known for. It’s not uncomfortable and not a big deal but something to note. Other then that it works great, I sleep much better than I did on the gel/foam mattress we had before. Works great on an adjustable base as well.” — Jason Wilhelm,


We Recommend the Purple Mattress For…

One of the great things about this mattress is how responsive it is thanks to that special hyper-elastic foam topper. Because of this, many reviewers are quick to point out that it’s a welcome relief for side sleepers who often find their arm gets pins and needles from being pinned under the pillow. And while side sleepers will certainly rejoice, back and stomach sleepers are also in for a treat with the Purple mattress. It’s great at accommodating any sleeping style.

As mentioned before, this is also a fantastic buy for anyone who hates waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. The Purple bed is known for being one of the coolest foam mattresses on the market.


Purple Mattress Review – Conclusion

The Purple bed is a wonderful option for anyone in search of a cool, responsive foam mattress. Their patented polymer materials make for a sleeping experience like none other. And with consistent four and five-star reviews across the web, you’ll probably be happy you went with a Purple.

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