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Helix Mattress Review

Helix Mattress Review

Every direct to consumer mattress brand must find a competitive edge that sets them apart, and the Helix mattress is no exception.  This foam and coil hybrid mattress comes custom-made for your individual preferences as a shopper by way of a test on their website that generates personalized metrics. The Helix comes with a warranty of 10 years and a sleep trial of 100 nights, making it a low-risk buy with plenty potential benefits.


  • Customizable: The Helix mattress’ customizable construction gives this bed an edge over its competitors in terms of personalization.
  • Side by side variation: Another awesome asset to the Helix mattress is the fact that you and your partner can both have the type of firmness and support that suits you best. The Helix brand will make your mattress to two different specifications split down the middle. This is available in sizes queen and up.


  • Thin cover material: You know a mattress is great when the main drawback is its thin, polyester cover material. Since the cover will generally be hidden beneath your bedding, it is rarely a big decision influencer for shoppers. But compared to the high quality covers of some other mattress brands on the market, the Helix’s cover definitely falls short.

Our Verdict

The Helix is a fantastic mattress in many regards. It gives sleepers the best of both worlds when it comes to the contouring of foam and the bounce of coils. The dual comfort option is a great way to give both you and your partner your desired mattress specs without having to compromise, and the Helix brand’s innovative take on custom construction lives up to the hype.

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Helix Mattress Construction

The Helix bed’s main components are foam and coils. There are three different types of foam used in its construction:

  1. Top Polyfoam Layer (Helix Dynamic Foam): The topmost layer of the Helix mattress is a unique polyfoam. Unlike memory foam that creates a feeling of sinking deeply into the mattress, this foam errs on the springy side.
  2. High Grade Polyfoam Transition Layer: The next layer down is polyfoam as well. This layer feels like a compromise between latex and memory foam and serves as a transition point between the softer foam on above and the coils below. It is also responsible for helping keep the mattress cool, which can be an issue in foam based beds.
  3. Pocketed Micro Coil Layer: The third layer down is constructed with steel coils that respond to weight and pressure with even distribution. These springy coils add a lot to the bounciness of the mattress. There is increased airflow in this layer as well, thanks to the open spaces around the coils.
  4. Foam Base Layer: The bottom of the Helix mattress is four inches of a dense foam. This layer provides essential support and shape to the mattress. This is the thickest section of the bed, and does not differ in the customization process.

All four layers of the Helix bed are encased in a thin polyester material cover. While the thinness of the material does help in terms of the overall breathability and temperature control of the mattress, it does not have the luxury feel or durability of other types of materials.

Helix mattress layers

What would a customizable mattress be without a corresponding customizable pillow? The brand’s “adjustable pillow” takes a unique angle on construction. The pillow comes with removable insert layers you can experiment with to get just the right loft and neck support you need. The Helix company also sells a sturdy foundation and frame that you can use with their mattress. In addition to those, there is also a mattress protector.

How Does the Helix Mattress Feel?


The firmness of the Helix mattress totally depends on what you select during the quiz portion of your purchasing journey on the Helix site. They offer seven different firmness levels: very soft, soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm, firm, and very firm. According to their site “medium firm” is the most common selection and works well for the average sleeper.


The sinkage factor here also really depends on which options you choose during your customization quiz. But overall, the sinkage on the Helix mattress is more like a latex than a memory foam experience. Expect to feel as if you are lying on top of this mattress rather than in it due to the fact that the Helix’s coils give it a lot of springy support.

Responsiveness and Bounce

The Helix mattress is very responsive and bouncy thanks to its coil construction. That makes this bed a favorable environment for intimacy and limits the cradling feeling of the topmost foam layer from creating too much sinkage. You can expect to be able to move around easily on this bed and feel it molding to your body in a responsive and supportive manner.

Motion Transfer

If you want a bed with almost zero motion transfer — and that’s enough of a factor to sway your ultimate decision — you will probably be happier going with a memory foam mattress. Coils and foam like the kind used in the Helix do lend themselves to a bit of motion transfer. That being said, the tossing and turning of your partner will be way less of an issue in your Helix bed than it would be in conventional spring mattress without the polyfoam they use.

Heat Retention

Temperature control is another part of the Helix sleep test. So depending on what answers you give, your bed will come customized to the optimum coolness level for you. The Helix is naturally pretty well equipped to handle hot sleepers, though, as its coils naturally make room for airflow.

Edge Support

The edge support of the Helix mattress is neither here nor there — and that’s a good thing for a bed in a box brand, as edge support is a common problem. Memory foam beds tend to have the worst edge support, but the polyfoam of the Helix does not suffer from this shortcoming. It doesn’t have the reinforced edges of some other mattress brands, but you will probably not feel as if you’re going to roll out of the Helix bed if you find yourself sleeping near the edge.

Off-Gassing & Smell

Most mattresses have a slight smell upon first unboxing. The Helix mattress does not have a particularly strong odor you will need to contend with. Some mild smell is present during the initial few hours, but it dissipates quickly and is not an ongoing nuisance at all.

Helix soft mattress

Helix Mattress Quick Facts

  • Certifications: Certi-PUR U.S.
  • Where is it made? U.S.A.
  • Does it need a foundation? No
  • Does it work on adjustable beds? Yes
  • Shipping: Free
  • Sleep Trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Customer Feedback

The Helix mattress is very well reviewed all across the web. It is only available from the company and is not sold on Amazon. Its Google review rating is a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

★★★★★ “I can’t wait to go to rest in my cloud candy. It swaddles me and leaves me without pain in the AM. I was very skeptical when my wife ordered this mattress for me, having had a foam mattress from a different company and not enjoying one minute of it! Plan on replacing all mattresses in our house eventually with a Helix. So comfortable and luxurious.” — Angie,

★★★★★ “I need support for my bigger frame and it plain makes my back feel better. My wife likes it soft yet with support. We have tried several types of beds over the years and have never been happy at the same time. This solved it and honestly provides a fantastic sleep for the both of us. Customer service was helpful and responsive and setting it up was fairly easy.” — Bruce,

We Recommend The Helix Mattress For…

This is an ideal mattress for many types of people thanks to its customizable nature. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you will likely find yourself feeling more comfortable and supported if you choose something toward the firmer end. Side sleepers generally prefer a slightly softer mattress to accommodate their pressure point areas.

This mattress is great for couples who disagree on what makes a bed feel best, as the Helix company offers the super unique option of two customized beds side by side in one. The only people we would not recommend this bed for are those who want a particular memory foam or spring feel rather than both combined.

Helix Mattress Review – Conclusion

All in all, there is a lot to love and not much of anything to complain about in the Helix bed. It comes at an affordable price point and with all the convenience of free delivery and a 100 night risk-free trial.

The Helix gives great pain relief and support for any type of sleeper, and their customization program means you know you’ll be getting a bed tailored to your unique needs.

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