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Best Mattresses 2022


Choosing the right mattress can be tricky, given the wide selection of innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid models that are currently sold online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Customers must compare a handful of different factors in order to find the brand and model that is best for them. Price, firmness, support, pain and pressure relief, sleep position, warranty, and brand reputation are just some of these important considerations. To help ease the mattress selection process, we have compiled a list of our top mattress picks of 2022. Each model has been evaluated based on our comprehensive methodology, which takes dozens of factors into account, and awarded a final numerical rating that reflects our findings. Below you will find our top 10 mattresses of the year among all mattress types. Read on to see our top picks for innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses; our recommended models for side-, back-, and side-sleepers; and the top ‘bang for your buck’ mattresses that offer the most value at the lowest cost.

Our Top Picks

We evaluate each mattress model based on the following factors. For a more detailed look at our methodology, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Price-point and value
  • Firmness options
  • Comfort layer components
  • Pressure and pain relief
  • Motion isolation and noise reduction
  • Supportive features
  • Responsiveness
  • Suitability for side-, back-, and stomach-sleepers
  • Suitability for sleepers with below-average, average, and above-average weights
  • Warranty and sleep trial
  • Brand reputation

Regardless of mattress type, the following brands and models earned the highest customer ratings among all mattresses reviewed, based on the criteria listed above.

Brand and Model Mattress Type Firmness Options Composition Price (Queen) Overall Mattress Rating (out of 5)
1. Loom & Leaf Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Memory Foam Polyfoam (2 Layers) $1,099 4.87
2. Zenhaven Mattress Latex (Flippable) Medium Soft (Side 1) Firm (Side 2) Two-sided Talalay Latex $1,899 4.83
3. Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Hybrid Medium Firm Quilted Polyfoam Copper-infused Memory Foam Zoned Pocketed Coils $1,199 4.81
4. Saatva Mattress Innerspring Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm Polyfoam Memory Foam Pocketed Minicoils Bonnell Coils $999 4.78
5. Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Medium to Medium Firm Memory Foam Polyfoam (2 Layers) $1,199 4.77
6. (Tie) Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Collection Latex Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm New Zealand Wool Talalay Latex (1 to 2 Layers) Organic Latex $1,699 to $2,299 4.74
7. (Tie) Sapira Mattress Hybrid Medium Firm Polyfoam Memory Foam Pocketed Coils Base Polyfoam (2 Layers) $1,475 4.74
8. Purple Mattress Foam Medium Firm Buckling Column Gel Polyfoam (2 Layers) $999 4.73
9. (Tie) Winkbeds Mattress Innerspring Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm Pocketed Minicoils Polyfoam (2 Layers) Pocketed Coils $1,299 4.7
10. (Tie) Voila Mattress Hybrid Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm Gel Memory Foam Latex Pocketed Coils Polyfoam (2 Layers) $1,199 4.7

Top 3 Innerspring Mattresses

Innersprings are the most popular mattresses among consumers today, and account for roughly two-thirds of all sales nationwide. They are widely available online and in brick-and-mortar stores.


  • Innerspring mattresses are typically priced much lower than other mattress types, making them a good option for shoppers on a budget.
  • They are highly responsive and bouncy, which can be good for sex
  • They retain less body heat and, as a result, sleep relatively cool compared to mattresses made from foam or latex.
  • Innersprings tend to have stronger edge support than other mattress types, and are less susceptible to sinkage where people tend to sit when they get out of or into their bed.


  • Durability is a common complaint with innersprings, and a large number of owners report sagging or indentations in the sleep surface after a couple years of use.
  • Most innersprings do not conform very closely or alleviate much pressure.
  • They can be quite noisy (especially during sex), and offer little to no motion isolation.

What to look for in an innerspring:

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Thick comfort layers
  • Good responsiveness

Our Top Picks:

  1. Saatva
    • Our top innerspring pick is the Saatva mattress, which features ‘coil-on-coil’ construction with a layer of pocketed coils in the comfort system and a support core constructed with bonnell coils. This creates a supportive, body-contouring feel that is rarely found in innersprings. The Saatva also features layers of memory foam in the comfort system designed to target pressure points in the lumbar region of the lower back, and a cover made from organic cotton. Three firmness options and two thickness options are available to accommodate different sleepers. Saatva also offers a 120-night sleep trial (which is longer than most), full-service delivery, and a nonprorated 15-year warranty.
  2. Winkbeds
    • Winkbeds mattresses feature a pocketed coil support core, as well as pocketed minicoils in the comfort system, for optimal support and pressure relief. Owners also say the mattress has great responsiveness for sex, and that the sleep surface is exceptionally cool, largely due to the breathable lyocell cover. A total of three firmness levels are offered, and Winkbeds will also construct mattresses based on customized specifications. A 101-night sleep trial is available with this mattress, and it is covered under a nonprorated 10-year warranty.
  3. Aviya : 
    • The Aviya mattress features a support core constructed from 15-gauge pocketed coils with a polyfoam encasement. This design ― coupled with the dual-layer polyfoam comfort system and quilted foam cover ― offers above-average support, conforming, and edge support. The Aviya is also fairly quiet compared to other innersprings. Three firmness ratings are available. Aviya offers three delivery options, including full-service White Glove delivery, as well as a 100-night sleep trial and a nonprorated 10-year warranty.
Brand Model Firmness Options Thickness Comfort Layer Support Core Overall Rating (out of 5)
Saatva Saatva Mattress Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm 11 1/2″ 14 1/2″ (Both Thicknesses Available for all Firmness Ratings) Polyfoam 3/8″ Memory Foam 2 1/2″ Polyfoam 4″ Pocketed Minicoils 4″ Bonnell Coils (11 1/2″) 7″ Bonnell Coils (11 1/2″) 4.78
Winkbeds Winkbeds Mattress Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm 14 1/2″ 2″ 1.5 PCF Polyfoam 2 1/2″ Pocketed Minicoils 2″ HD Polyfoam 7 1/2″ Pocketed Coils 4.7
Aviya Aviya Mattress Medium Medium Firm Firm 12″ 1″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 1″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 8″ 15-Gauge Pocketed Coils 1″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam 4.67

Top 3 Foam Mattresses

All-polyfoam and memory foam mattresses are a popular alternative to traditional innerspring models. Foam mattresses are widely available online and in brick-and-mortar stores.


  • Memory foam reacts to body temperatures by softening and conforming to the sleeper’s figure, forming a cradle-like impression that hugs the body, helps align the spine, and targets pressure points.
  • Mattress foam isolates motion to certain areas of the mattress whenever someone gets out of bed or shifts positions; this can be beneficial for sleepers that share their bed with someone and awaken easily during the night.
  • In most cases, these mattresses are virtually silent when bearing weight.
  • Most foam mattresses have below-average weights, making them relatively easy to move, maneuver, and rotate as recommended.


  • Mattress foam retains high levels of body heat, and ‘sleeping hot’ is a major complaint among many owners.
  • These mattresses require longer break-in periods than other mattress types, and their slow responsiveness may not be as good for sex.
  • These mattresses are associated with high amounts of off-gassing, or odors that are emitted when the mattress is removed from its packaging.
  • Most foam mattresses offer little to no edge support, and sinkage where people sit is commonly reported.

What to look for in a foam mattress:

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Above-average motion isolation and noise control
  • Long lifespan

Our top picks:

  1. Loom & Leaf
    • Owned by Saatva, Loom & Leaf is our top choice for memory foam mattresses. This model is constructed with layers of gel-laminated convoluted memory foam and memory foam in the comfort system. This two-tier memory foam system provides exceptional conforming, and many owners claim the mattress sleeps cooler than other memory foam models. The Loom & Leaf mattress also offers excellent motion isolation, and produces virtually no noise when bearing sleeper weight. This mattress is available in two different firmness ratings. Like its parent company, Loom & Leaf offers a 120-night sleep trial and a nonprorated 15-year warranty ― both longer than the industry average ― and full-service delivery is available.
  2. Amerisleep AS3
    • Amerisleep offers a total of five memory foam mattresses. We have chosen the AS2 because it features three inches of memory foam in the comfort system, but still offers a Medium to Medium Firm sleep surface that is highly popular with today’s sleepers. The support core features a ‘contoured’ top polyfoam layer designed as a transitional buffer between the comfort system and the high-density polyfoam base; this enhances the conforming feel of the mattress, and aids with pain and pressure relief. The AS3 is also virtually silent, and offers very good motion isolation. Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty, half of which is completely nonprorated.
  3. Purple
    • Unlike the Loom & Leaf and AS3 mattresses, the Purple mattress does not contain any memory foam. The comfort system is designed with a top layer of buckling-column gel, which provides exceptional conforming and pressure relief, as well as a relatively cool sleep surface compared to other memory foam models. Owners report excellent motion isolation and virtually no noise. Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial with a cost-free return policy and a 10-year nonprorated warranty.
Brand Model Firmness Options Thickness Comfort Layer Support Core Overall Rating (out of 5)
Loom & Leaf Loom & Leaf Mattress Medium Firm 12″ 2 1/2″ PCF Gel Memory Foam 2″ 4 PCF Memory Foam 2″ 1.6 PCF Polyfoam 5 1/2″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 4.87
Amerisleep AS3 Medium to Medium Firm 12″ 4″ 4 PCF Memory Foam 1″ 1.65 PCF Polyfoam 7″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 4.77
Purple Purple Mattress Medium Firm 9 1/2″ 2″ Buckling Column Gel 3.5″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 4″ 2 PCF Polyfoam 4.73

Top 3 Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are popular with consumers because they are exceptionally soft and conform closely. They are not as widely available as innersprings or memory foam mattresses, but shoppers will find a good selection of online and brick-and-mortar options.


  • Latex mattresses have an average lifespan of eight years, which is significantly longer than the industry average for all mattress types (six to seven years).
  • Latex mattresses distribute sleeper weight and provide above-average pressure relief, and may also help owners reduce back pain symptoms.
  • Most latex mattresses provide above-average motion isolation, and produce little to no noise when bearing weight.
  • Latex responds instantly, making these mattresses a possible alternative for sleepers that find memory foam too slow to respond.


  • The average latex mattress is priced between $1,600 and $2,000, making them relatively expensive compared to innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid options.
  • Like memory foam, latex can trap body heat and cause sleepers to become uncomfortably warm during the night.
  • Latex mattresses offer slightly better edge support than foam models, but sinkage at the edges is commonly reported.
  • Latex mattresses can be exceptionally heavy and difficult to move or maneuver.

What to look for in a latex mattress:

  • Affordable price-point
  • Targeted pressure relief
  • Above-average edge support

Our top picks:

  1. Zenhaven
    • The Zenhaven mattresses features a flippable, two-sided design with different firmness ratings for each surface. This diverse construction allows sleepers to gain two firmness options for the price of one. The comfort system and support core are both made of Talalay latex, which is considered the best type of latex for conforming and pressure relief, and the cover is pure organic-cotton. Zenhaven has a reputation for strong, reliable customer service. The company offers full-service delivery, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty.
  2. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Collection
    • Plushbeds offers a total of three latex mattress collections. We have chosen the Botanical Bliss Collection as our top pick because of its luxury-minded construction: layers of New Zealand wool and Talalay latex in the comfort system; a support core made of organic latex; and a cover fashioned from pure organic-cotton. Three thickness options ― 9, 10, and 12 inches ― are offered, as well as a total of four different firmness ratings. Plushbeds offers full-service delivery, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 25-year warranty with 10 years of nonprorated coverage.
  3. Ghostbed
    • Unlike traditional latex mattresses, the Ghostbed boasts a unique design that features layers of aerated Dunlop latex and gel memory foam in the comfort system. As a result, many owners say the mattress offers a good balance of firmness and contouring pressure relief ― but very little off-gassing odor has been reported. The mattress also offers above-average edge support and good responsiveness for sex. Ghostbed offers a 101-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty with 10 years of nonprorated coverage.
Brand Model Firmness Options Thickness Comfort Layer Support Core Overall Rating (out of 5)
Zenhaven Zenhaven Mattress Medium Soft (Side 1) Firm (Side 2) 10″ 1 1/2″ Talalay Latex (Each Side) 6″ Talalay Latex 4.83
Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Collection Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm 12″ 10″ 9″ 1″ New Zealand Wool 2″ to 5″ Talalay Latex (1 to 2 Layers) 6″ Organic Latex 4.74
Ghostbed Ghostbed Medium Firm 11″ 1 1/2″ Aerated Dunlop Latex 2″ 4 PCF Gel Memory Foam 7 1/2″ 2 PCF Polyfoam 4.65

Top 3 Hybrid Mattresses

A ‘true hybrid’ mattress features at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort system, as well as a pocketed coil support core. Hybrids are not as widely available as innersprings or foam models, but shoppers will find a good selection of online and brick-and-mortar options.


  • Hybrids essentially balance the responsiveness and support of innersprings with the contouring pressure relief of foam and latex beds.
  • Most hybrid mattresses offer above-average motion isolation and ― while somewhat creaky at times ― are usually much quieter than traditional innersprings.
  • Because many hybrids feature foam encasements around the pocketed coil support core, edge support is usually better than average.


  • Hybrids tend to run on the more expensive side, with the average model falling between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • High body heat retention and sleeping hot are common complaints associated with hybrids, particularly those with thick foam layers.
  • Off-gassing odors can be strong and long-lasting, and owners claim the break-in period is relatively long.

What to look for in a hybrid:

  • Affordable price-point
  • Thick comfort layers with memory foam and/or latex
  • Above-average conforming and pressure relief

Our top picks:

  1. Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid
    • The Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest is our top hybrid pick due in large part to its luxurious, support-minded design. The comfort layer features copper-infused memory foam, which can help cool down the mattress and provide enhanced pressure relief (since copper can improve bodily circulation). The comfort system also features a top layer of quilted foam for added softness, while the zoned pocketed-coil support core targets specific pressure points throughout the body. Two firmness ratings are offered with the Alexander Signature Hybrid ― and at $1,199 for a Queen-size model, this mattress is priced well below the average hybrid model. Nest offers a 100-night sleep trial and a nonprorated 20-year warranty.
  2. Sapira
    • Featuring a comfort system made with aerated polyfoam and memory foam for a soft, breathable sleep surface that conforms closely. The pocketed coils are reinforced with top and bottom layers of polyfoam for optimal sleeper support, as well as edge support. Sapira mattresses are priced below-average compared to other hybrids, and the company (owned by Leesa) offers a 100-night sleep trial with no mandatory break-in period and a nonprorated 10-year warranty.
  3. Voila
    • The Voila mattress is crafted with a layer of gel memory foam in the comfort layer, as well as additional gel memory foam and latex layers in two of the three available firmness ratings. The pocketed coils are reinforced with top and bottom polyfoam layers, as well as a polyfoam side encasement for optimal edge support. At $1,199 for a Queen, the mattress has a price-point that is significantly below-average. Voila offers a 100-night sleep trial and a nonprorated 10-year warranty.


Brand Model Firmness Options Thickness Comfort Layer Support Core Overall Rating (out of 5)
Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Medium Firm 13″ 2″ 1.5 PCF Quilted Polyfoam 2″ 3.5 PCF Copper-Infused Memory Foam 2″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam 7″ Zoned Pocketed Coils 4.81
Sapira Sapira Mattress Medium Firm 11″ 1 1/2″ 3.75 PCF Polyfoam 1 1/2″ 4 PCF Memory Foam 1″ 2 PCF Polyfoam 6″ Pocketed Coils1″ 2 PCF Polyfoam 4.74
Voila Voila Mattress Medium Soft Medium Firm Firm 12″ 11 1/4″ 10 1/4″ 2 1/2″ Gel Memory Foam 3/4″ Latex (Medium Firm and Firm) 1/4″ to 3/4″ Polyfoam 6 1/4″ Pocketed Coils 1″ HD Polyfoam Polyfoam Encasement 4.7

Top 3 Mattresses for Side Sleepers

When we sleep on our sides, it causes the weight of our bodies to be distributed unevenly. As a result, sleeping in this position can lead to spinal misalignment and activate pressure points around the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. The best mattresses for side sleepers will conform to the curves and contours of their figure in order to improve spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points along their body. The firmness rating is also key, since a mattress that is too firm or too soft will not relieve much pressure ― and, in some cases, may actually cause more discomfort. Our top three mattresses for side sleepers are listed below.

Mattress Brand and Model Mattress Type Lightweight Side Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs) Average Weight Side Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs) Heavyweight Side Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs) Overall Side Sleeper Rating (out of 5)
Loom & Leaf Mattress Memory Foam 4.9 4.8 4.5 4.73
Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam 4.8 4.7 4.4 4.63
Helix Mattress Hybrid 4.8 4.6 4.4 4.6

Top 3 Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers tend to experience less pressure than side-sleepers, and usually require less support than stomach-sleepers. However, those who sleep on their back are often more sensitive to sagging and indentations in the sleep surface that cause their weight to be distributed unevenly. Most prefer mattresses that are rated as Medium or Medium Firm, but ultimately this comes down to personal preference. The bottom line: the mattress should conform to a back-sleeper’s figure and relieve pressure points without feeling too soft or too firm. Back-sleepers also benefit from mattresses that are designed to provide consistent circulation from head to toe. Temperature is key as well, since back-sleepers tend to sink more deeply into the sleep surface. Our top mattresses for back-sleepers are listed in the table below.

Mattress Brand and Model Mattress Type Lightweight Back Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs) Average Weight Back Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs) Heavyweight Back Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs) Overall Back Sleeper Rating (out of 5)
Purple Mattress Foam 4.9 4.7 4.6 4.73
Bed in a Box Silk Symphony Memory Foam (Flippable) 4.8 4.7 4.5 4.67
Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Latex 4.7 4.5 4.4 4.53

Top 3 Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Generally speaking, stomach-sleeping is not recommended because it puts added pressure on the spine, and can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. However, many sleepers prefer this position ― and some mattresses reduce the inherent strain of back-sleeping more than others. The biggest concern for stomach-sleepers is adequate support, since mattresses that are too soft can cause serious discomfort. Most stomach-sleepers tend to prefer innersprings or hybrids because they offer higher levels of full-body support, but high-density foam or latex may also be suitable for these individuals. Our choices for the top three mattresses for stomach-sleepers are featured in the table below.

Mattress Brand and Model Mattress Type Lightweight Stomach Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs) Average Weight Stomach Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs) Heavyweight Stomach Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs) Overall Stomach Sleeper Rating
Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam 4.6 4.4 4.2 4.4
Loom & Leaf Mattress Memory Foam 4.5 4.3 4.1 4.3
Leesa Mattress Memory Foam 4.5 4.2 4.0 4.23

Best ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Mattresses

A new high-quality mattress will represent a significant financial investment for most shoppers. However, some models deliver all of the benefits as their counterparts at a much lower price. Additionally, certain brands offer mattress warranties that extend at least 10 years and are mostly or entirely nonprorated, allowing mattress owners to repair or replace a defective model for a reasonable amount of money. The four mattresses listed below are our top ‘bang for your buck’ picks based on their price-point compared to the industry average, as well as the warranty length and their overall mattress rating. One mattress has been selected for each of the main mattress types (innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid).

Mattress Brand and Model Mattress Type Queen Price Average Price for Mattress Type Warranty Length Overall Mattress Rating (out of 5)
Zinus iCoil Innerspring $190 to $398 $950 10 Years Nonprorated 4.49
Lucid 14″ Plush Memory Foam Mattress Memory Foam $700 $900 25 Years 4.52
Brooklyn Bedding #BestMattressEver Latex $750 $2,000 10 Years Nonprorated 4.61
Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Hybrid $1,199 $1,750 20 Years Nonprorated 4.81


Our ‘Best Mattresses of 2022 rankings were generated through a comprehensive rating system that takes several criteria into account. Each mattress receives a numerical score (out of 5) based on how well ― or how poorly ― it performs in different categories. Factors that we considered include the following:

  1. Materials
    • What is the quality of comfort layer materials used (polyfoam, memory foam, latex, etc.)?
    • Are any specialty comfort materials used, such as gel or copper-infused memory foams, buckling column gel, or minicoils?
    • For innersprings and hybrids, what is the type and gauge of the coils?
    • For memory foam and latex mattresses, what is the density of polyfoam used in the support core?
    • Is the cover made from natural/organic or synthetic fibers?
    • How much does the mattress weigh?
    • How difficult is the mattress to move, maneuver, or rotate as recommended?
  2. Feel
    • Is there more than one firmness option?
    • How closely does the mattress conform to the sleeper’s body?
    • Does the mattress offer contoured pressure relief and improved spinal alignment?
    • Can the mattress reduce back pain?
    • Does the mattress sleep hot or cold, or is it temperature-neutral
    • Is the mattress responsive/bouncy enough for sex?
    • Does the mattress reduce motion transfer?
    • How easy is it to get on or off the bed?
    • Is it suitable for side-sleeping?
    • Is it suitable for back-sleeping?
    • Is it suitable for stomach-sleeping?
    • Is it suitable for lightweight sleepers (less than 130 lbs)?
    • Is it suitable for average weight sleepers (130 to 230 lbs)?
    • Is it suitable for heavyweight sleepers (more than 230 lbs)?
    • Is it suitable for sleepers with back or shoulder pain?
  3. Other Performance Factors
    • How durable is the mattress, and how often do owners report early sagging or indentations?
    • What is the expected lifespan of the mattress?
    • Does the mattress offer strong or weak edge support?
    • How loud is the mattress when bearing weight?
    • Has the mattress been linked to strong or long-lasting off-gassing odors?
    • Does the mattress have a short or long break-in period?
  4. Price, Warranty and Customer Service
    • What is the total price-point (mattress only)?
    • Is the mattress widely available through authorized retailers (i.e. Amazon.com), or only sold through the company?
    • Do customers have shipping options beyond standard, front-door delivery?
    • How much is standard and (if available) full-service delivery?
    • Will delivery personnel remove the customer’s old mattress?
    • How long is the mattress sleep trial?
    • Do customers need to test out the mattress for a specific length of time (i.e., 30 nights) before they are eligible to return it for a refund?
    • Will the company issue a full or partial refund for customers who wish to return the mattress?
    • Are customers responsible for additional fees when they return their mattress?
    • Does the company offer mattress exchanges, in addition to returns?
    • How long is the mattress warranty?
    • Is the warranty entirely nonprorated, or is there a prorated period when mattress owners must pay more for repairs or replacements?
    • Are there hidden fees for repairing or replacing a defective mattress beyond standard prorated charges?
    • What mattress defects are and aren’t covered the mattress warranty?
    • Does the company have a reputation for strong customer service?
    • Can customers contact customer service representatives using online chat functions?
  5. Company Information
    • Does the company have a reputation of engaging in accurate or misleading marketing practices?
    • How authentic are the customer reviews found on the brand’s website?
    • How long has the company been in business?
    • Is the company online-only, or can customers visit brick-and-mortar stores as well?
    • Does the brand disclose all or some of their mattress specifications?
    • What is the company’s Better Business Bureau rating?
    • Is the company linked to any negative press involving its products or customer service?